COVID-19 | Rules for visitors

Rules to comply while visiting the Uffizi Galleries

Dear visitor,
the Covid-19 emergency requires everyone to be careful and therefore it is necessary to comply with the following rules while visiting the museum.

Inside the museums all national and regional rules apply to counteract the spread of Coronavirus. In particular, it is recalled that people with body temperatures above 37.5° C (= 99.5° F) are prohibited from entering (visitors' temperature needs to be taken at the entrance); the use of a mask covering mouth and nose is mandatory during the stay in the museums (excluding the Boboli Gardens or open spaces where the use of the mask is mandatory only in cases of mass gatherings or when it is not possible to keep the recommended interpersonal distance); it is necessary to keep a recommended interpersonal distance of 1.80 m. Any kind of mass gatherings is prohibited; groups cannot exceed 10 people, and in any case they are always to respect the interpersonal distance of 1.80 m; people in charge of groups (be they tour guides, teachers or any other category) must always use the whisper system (microphone and earphones) regardless of their group's number of members, and are to control the interpersonal distance between them in case they are not relatives living in the same family. 

Given the ongoing emergency, it should be noted that the maximum number of people admitted is determined by the possibility of keeping the interpersonal distance of at least 1 metre (1.80 m highly recommended). Once the maximum number has been reached, the staff prevents access to other people, and allows next visitors in line to enter accordingly and only if at least one meter apart from each other.